Key events

  • 9.00
    Road closure begins
  • 10.30
    Winter Fair begins
  • 10.30
    Fire engine pull, East Road to the bridge
  • 10.30
    Opening ceremony, Ditchburn Gardens
  • 11.30
    Unveiling of bridge artwork
  • 12.00
    Parade, Millcroft Court to Petersfield
  • 15.20
    Final parade, the bridge to Petersfield
  • 16.15
    Winter Fair ends
  • 17.30
    Roads re-open

Welcome to the Mill Road Winter Fair 2019!

Every year, on the first Saturday in December, Mill Road is transformed. People take over from cars, shopkeepers turn out and set up their stalls, and we provide spaces for local businesses and charities to sell crafts, gifts and refreshments all along the street. Interspersed with the stalls are buskers, circus performers, dancers, poets and storytellers to entertain and inspire.

The theme of this year's fair is 'Nature', so if you are reading this in advance of the fair please start thinking about ideas - for costumes, stall decorations, parade props, etc.

The Winter Fair is run entirely by volunteers and we need your donations to help stage it every year. If you would like to get involved or donate we would very much appreciate it.

Important information

Stewards wearing hi-vis jackets with Mill Road Winter Fair on the back, are available to assist you and help ensure your safety. Please comply promptly with any instructions from stewards.

If you see anything suspicious or unsafe, please report it to a steward immediately.

In an emergency, follow instructions from stewards or the emergency services.

First Aid

If you require First Aid ask the nearest steward.

Event Control

Event Control and First Aid are both located in the Baptist Church, 178 Mill Road Broadway, on the Corner of Stockwell Street.

Missing children

Please arrange your own family meeting point in case you become separated. Report missing children to any steward or Event Control.

Road closure

Between 9.00am and 5.30pm on the day, Mill Road (between East Road and Coleridge Road), the top of Gwydir Street and the top of St Barnabas Road will all be closed to traffic (including cyclists), although activities will stop at 4.15pm. Diversions will be signposted.

Pedestrians should exercise particular care before the road is fully closed.

Re-opening will occur gradually, so drivers and pedestrians should take extreme care.

Pedestrians will be required to make way for emergency and other vehicles within the closure area, from time to time.

If you have any questions about the road closure on the day phone 07591 116145

Parking Information

During the Fair from 9.00am to 5.30pm Mill Road is closed to traffic. Gwydir Street Car Park is also closed from the previous evening until the end of Fair day as it is the site of the Food Fair. Great Eastern Street Car Park is also closed.

The nearest car parks are Queen Anne Car Park and The Grafton Centre Car Park.

You can look at the City Council's information on car parks. Information about diversions in place due to the road closure can be found on the County Council website.

Disabled parking

With a Blue Badge you can 'park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours in England and Wales except where there is a ban on loading or unloading or it causes an obstruction'. Look at the City Council and County Council websites for more information on this.

Bus Arrangements for Mill Road Winter Fair

From Queen Edith/Sainsbury's side the last bus would be the 08:46 from Sainsbury's, passing Brookfeilds at 08:49 and the first would be the 17:46 from Sainsbury's, passing Brookfeilds at 17:49.

From Cambridge North side the 08:48 from Emmanuel St will be the last and the first will be 17:48.

Services will be diverted via Coldham’s Lane.

Information wiil be available at

Thank you to our generous sponsors and donors

The Mill Road Winter Fair is only made possible with the generous support of our sponsors and donors, a huge thank you to them all.

Thank you also to those individuals in the community who have made personal donations and those who have kindly volunteered their time.

Our Sponsors
Our Donors
  • Thirsty
  • Churchill College
  • Queens' College
  • Trinity College
  • Emmanuel College
  • Gonville & Caius College
Special Mentions
  • Illustrations
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Event Management Advice
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Web Hosting

We would love your help

The Mill Road Winter Fair is a completely volunteer organised event. We aren't funded by the council, we're just a bunch of enthusiasts who keep the ball rolling.

To register your interest in becoming a committee member or even signing up as steward for next year, fill in the Volunteer Expression of Interest Form.

Helping On The Day


This whole thing is organised by a small handful of enthusiastic volunteers who meet up once or twice a month to coordinate our efforts.

If you would like to be a member of the committee, or just lighten the load of one of the committee members, please get in touch with who will gladly get the ball rolling


The Mill Road Winter Fair is only made possible with the generous support of our sponsors and donors, a huge thank you to them all!

There will be collection buckets on the day, please give generously.

Personal donations mean so very much to us and we'd gladly accept anything you can spare to keep this wonderful fair going.

To contact the Mill Road Winter Fair Committee Before or After the Fair

Please allow a day or two to respond as we are all volunteers and this is not our regular job. That being said, the closer to the Fair it gets, the more frequently we tend to check our emails.

To contact the Mill Road Winter Fair Committee On the Day

On the day most of the committee will be out and about on Mill Road. Please approach our very helpful stewards, adorned in their beautiful hi-vis jackets, who will relay anything back to Event Control, which along with First Aid will be located in the Baptist Church, 178 Mill Road Broadway, on the Corner of Stockwell Street.

The Committee

What we do

The Mill Road Winter Fair Committee are the volunteers who plan the rough outlines of the fair. They arrange the road closure, bring in volunteer stewards, book marquees, organise the parade, negotiate stall venues, event venues, busking spots etc. and put out publicity so people know what's going on and all the other details that go with that.

We endeavour to make every reasonable effort to ensure that our direct activities, and those that we manage, are organised in a safe manner and to ensure the safety of those participating in and attending the event. However, all attendees, participants, traders, workers and volunteers have a responsibility for their own safety and those around them and remain responsible for their own actions. Stalls that were arranged via the committee can be identified by official trader certificates issued by the Mill Road Winter Fair Committee.

What other people do

Other activities, including those at indoor venues, Perowne St, Hope St Yard and many of the stalls directly outside local shops, are not organised or managed by us. We think that's fantastic. They are part of why we love Mill Road as much as we do and we'll try to list their activities on this site as well so you don't miss them.

It does mean, however, that when it comes to these other activities we and our contractors accept no liability for any accident or loss, whether direct or indirect. The organisers of those individual activities, rather than the Committee, will be responsible for the safety of their own activities at all times.

Nor do we accept any credit for how great they are. We very much encourage you to check them out on the day!