The Committee

The Mill Road Winter Fair is run by a Committee, which is elected annually, and an organising team who are all volunteers from the local area.

The official current (2024) Committee is:

The wider organising team (2024) is:

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in finding out more about a role on the Committee or one of our Working Groups (eg Stalls, Events, Infrastructure, IT, Volunteers). We have put together a list of key roles so that you can get a feel for what would be involved.

What we do

The Mill Road Winter Fair Committee are the volunteers who plan the outline of the Fair. They arrange the road closure, bring in volunteer stewards, book marquees, organise the parade, negotiate stall venues, event venues, busking spots etc, and put out publicity so that people know what’s going on and all the other details that go with that.

We endeavour to make every reasonable effort to ensure that our direct activities, and those that we manage, are organised in a safe manner and to ensure the safety of those participating in and attending the event. However, all attendees, participants, traders, workers and volunteers have a responsibility for their own safety and those around them and remain responsible for their own actions. Stalls that were arranged via the Committee can be identified by official trader certificates issued by the Mill Road Winter Fair Committee.

What other people do

Other activities, including those at indoor venues, Perowne Street, ASH Coop and many of the stalls directly outside local shops, are not organised or managed by us. We think that’s fantastic. They are part of why we love Mill Road as much as we do and we’ll try to list their activities on this website as well so you don’t miss them.

It does mean, however, that when it comes to these other activities, we and our contractors accept no liability for any accident or loss, whether direct or indirect. The organisers of those individual activities, rather than the Committee, will be responsible for the safety of their own activities at all times.

Nor do we accept any credit for how great they are. We very much encourage you to check them out on the day!