Saturday 7th December 2019, 10:30am to 4:30pm

There's something for everyone!

There are many ways to get more involved with the Fair. If you're looking to perform, volunteer, exhibit art, or make a donation then please contact us. We are always keen to hear from potential stewards who can offer an hour or two, or more, on the day of the Fair, and from volunteers who would like to help organise the Fair throughout the year.

We always look forward to hearing from people who wish to participate in the Fair and who want to help make it another great and *special* event so if what you wanted to do isn't possible this year then just turn up and enjoy the Fair and start thinking about what you could contribute. If you want to get in touch and aren't sure who you need to contact then you can always send your query to and it will get forwarded.

The Mill Road Winter Fair is all about supporting local people, who come from all over the world, to do things locally!


All donations that can be put towards the costs of the Fair are welcome.

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The Fair couldn't happen without the support of volunteers. We need people who can give some time throughout the year to help organise the Fair, as well as in the weeks leading up to the Fair and on the day itself.

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Sponsors and Donors

All donations that can be put towards the costs of the Fair are particularly welcome. Look out for the Winter Fair red collection boxes in shops and businesses on Mill Road.

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Set Up A Stall

Forms for food stalls and all other kinds of stall can be found here, along with important fact sheets.

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