Saturday 7th December 2019, 10:30am to 4:30pm

The Committee

Throughout the year a small Committee of volunteers works together to make sure all the big and small features of the Fair actually happen. The roles are mostly defined in the constitution but as the Fair grows, new roles become needed. If you think there's something else we need to cover in the Committee, you're welcome to volunteer to help out.

The current roles

These are just outlines of roughly what each role entails. In practise, we often help each other out where needed and there are some old Committee members who gladly help when they're able. Not all of these roles are always filled and when that happens, we again all work together to make sure that the job the role entails gets done.

  • Chair - Chairs the AGM and Committee meetings, oversees the administration of the Fair and generally is the most responsible person in the group.
  • Vice Chair - Technically just fills in for the chair when they themselves can't be in the meeting, but in practise also plays a very active role making sure the important things get done.
  • Secretary - Responsible for minuting meetings, also often acts as a contact point for people with questions about the Fair or who need to get in touch with the Committee and don't know who to talk to.
  • Treasurer - Manages our accounts, publishes financial reports and chases up many financial aspects of the Fair.
  • Stalls - Arranges spaces for stalls to set up on the day, including marquees.
  • Safety - Establishes Mill Road-wide safety measures, organises stewarding on the day, maintains and updates necessary procedures, and meets with relevant parties to make sure we get adequate coverage for first aid etc on the day.
  • Events - Coordinates busking spots and more static events throughout the day.
  • Infrastructure - Ensures appropriate signage on the day - a relatively new role and still being explored.
  • PR & Marketing - Promotes the Fair as widely as possible using any media they can; very active on social media but also reaches out to the press and others to make sure the public are as well informed as possible.
  • IT - Makes sure this website keeps ticking over and helps out with any computer issues the rest of the people involved with the Fair might have.
  • Volunteers - Communicates with the people willing to help out on the day, including making sure they have an idea of when and where they will be needed in advance.

Joining the Committee

People are nominated and elected to Committee roles at the AGM each year but others can be drafted in at other times. If you want to help out, please come to the AGM but otherwise you're very welcome to just get in touch with a current Committee member or ask general questions via

Working groups

From time to time, a role might be too much for one person and they are very welcome to form a working group to help them get the job done. Stalls is a particular example of a role which often requires a small group of people to work out important things like where to put all the stalls. Help is always very welcome and is a great way to get involved in the Fair when you can't commit to a monthly meeting. If you want to join a working group or just help out a Committee role, please email the relevant Committee member.