Buskers: Ditchburn Gardens

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Bibleway Gospel Choir


To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music with the aim of bringing salvation to humanity; to express and demonstrate the God's love, and to praise and worship God.

Also performing at 11.45am at St Barnabas Church

Opening Ceremony


Helen Robertson


Prolific songwriter Helen Robertson combines styles, themes and genres in her solo set, fusing punk, folk and rock in songs with universal themes of love and friendship and less universal themes of clowns and mythological creatures.

Release the Chimps


Release The Chimps are a Cambridge-based funk and dance band, who have played at the Mill Road Winter Fair, Cambridge Jazz Festival, and Strawberry Fair. They also have a regular Thursday night slot at La Raza. Expect to be dancing by the end of the set!

The Scissors


Garage psych guitars, swirling organ sounds and carnival weirdness. Songs that view the world thru a b-movie lens.



Knackers play a mix of upbeat original and cover jazz/ska numbers, in a loose but cheerful style!

Jason and the Skagonauts


Ska’ed up versions of songs you’d not expect plus some punk and originals thrown in!

Colonel Spanky's Love Ensemble


Cambridge’s longest-standing and most beloved student funk band, known for reliably getting the party started! With six sizes of horn and some seriously funky grooves, Colonel Spanky’s Love Ensemble puts a spanking-new twist on the most iconic tunes of the last seven decades. Renowned for riotous performances that feature knees-up dancing, sing-alongs, raucous rapping and sexy saxophone solos, they’ll twist anything from Beyoncé to Bon Jovi into the unique Colonel Spanky’s sound.