Buskers: Petersfield Bus Stop

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Queens' Graduate Choir


We'll be singing some traditional Christmas carols as well as some lesser-known ones.

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Sing Out Cambridge


Choral singing.

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Also playing at 11am at the Food Fair

Taoist Tai Chi Society


Find balance, relaxation and regain some warmth in your fingers and toes by trying Taoist Tai Chi arts. Research has consistently shown these ancient arts to be effective in combatting the effects of ageing and in improving overall health. Everyone is welcome to come and try.

Coton Morris/Ely & Littleport Riot


A vigorous display of Cotswold and Border morris dancing by local sides. Coton Morris and Ely & Littleport Riot have been dancing in and around Cambridge for over 25 years, including every Mill Road festival. We have a reputation for giving exciting displays.

Also performing at 11am at the Co-op, 11.45am at Urban Larder, and 1.45pm at Cavendish Road

Cambridge Tuneless Choir


Tuneless Choirs are for those who LOVE singing but lack the ability, practice or confidence to do so. Research tells us that singing in groups brings physical, emotional and social benefits and so we believe everyone has a right to sing whatever their voice! We sing purely for the pleasure of it – with no pressure to improve – and just aim for everyone to leave their Tuneless Choir session feeling uplifted!

Also playing at 2.45pm at Avenue of Limes