Buskers: Urban Larder

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Gog Magog Molly/Cambridge Morris Men


Gog Magog Molly draw from the traditional dances of the Cambridgeshire fens as well as a range of other inspirations including a lamppost, a one-way system, a doctoral thesis and local punting hazards, all done with our own distinctive geometric precision and danced to a high-energy step-hop. Gogs are an easily spotted kaleidoscope of colour right up to (and beyond!) our carefully uncoordinating faces.

Cambridge Morris Men perform traditional English dances in the Cotswold style, using either handkerchieves or sticks.

Also performing at 11.45am at the Co-op and 12.45pm at the Salisbury Club/EF

Coton Morris/Ely & Littleport Riot


A vigorous display of Cotswold and Border morris dancing by local sides. Coton Morris and Ely & Littleport Riot have been dancing in and around Cambridge for over 25 years, including every Mill Road festival. We have a reputation for giving exciting displays.

Also performing at 11am at the Co-op, 1.45pm at Cavendish Road, and 2.45pm at Petersfield Bus Stop

Irish Music from Cambridge Comhaltas


Lively traditional Irish tunes with maybe a song or two.

Cambridge Swing Dance


We are a community of dancers who practise 'swing dance', an umbrella term encapsulating different styles including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues, Balboa, and others. Originating from African-American roots, it's an expressive and often joyful dance danced all over the world, with an emphasis on how it feels to move to music.

Cam Sax Quartet


The group’s repertoire covers a wide spectrum of music from jazz and ragtime through to classical and pop.

4D Dance


We are a local dance group who love performing. We have students aged 3-18.