Stalls: Other Mill Road

Ditchburn Gardens

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Cambridge Blue Belles WI

Market stall for the Cambridge Blue Belles WI - a fun and friendly WI group that meets monthly in the heart of Cambridge.

Mill Road Winter Fair

Information stall about the Mill Road Winter Fair.

Moss & Rose

We sell vintage clothing and accessories for women, men and children from the 1950s-2000s.

Oren Homeware

Hand-crafted goods, ethically sourced from skilled makers and designers, including handmade serving boards made by Annie's father, and hand-waxed by Annie.

Tenison Road

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Cambridge Junction - The Nutcracker (Family Christmas Show)

Promoting our accessible, family Christmas show, The Nutcaracker.

Mill Road for People

We are a group of of over 700 local residents and traders working together to get the best Mill Road for everyone. We want Mill Road to be an attractive, safe and successful shopping street, retaining its unique atmosphere, independent shops, cafés and restaurants, popular and accessible to all residents and visitors.

Wylde Sky Brewing

Brewery fresh beer! Delicious draught, cans, minikegs, gift boxes and merch from this spirited small batch brewer.

St Barnabas Road

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Mobile bar selling local craft beer both on draught for immediate consumption and in gift packs to take away.

Chicken 'n' Tings

Southern fried chicken with island flavours and more.

Guerrilla Kitchen

Asian steamed bao, salads, gyoza.


Crepes; sweet and savoury fillings.

Headly Street, Ironworks

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Cambridge Arts Theatre

A stall to promote our family Christmas pantomime.

Cambridge Families for Ukraine

We are a group who volunteer to fundraise money to help people suffering the effects of the Ukraine war. The money we collect goes to individuals or small organisations based in Ukraine. We have also helped an organisation called SEMA that provides help to woman suffering rape, and another organisation called Baby Lifeline that provides medical aid during birth. We are aiming to sell art materials created and donated by local artists, including felted flowers, pottery in Ukrainian colours, petrikyvka designs, and miniature pictures.

Cambridge Rollerbillies

Raising awareness that Cambridge has a Roller Derby team and that it is open to everyone. We will have a small selection of merchandise, arts and crafts and (possibly) cakes for sale; but mostly this is a chance for us to meet people in the community and make connections.

Cambridge Round Table

We're a local branch of the international Round Table organisation and in past years we raised thousands for local charities in and around Cambridge (for example: East Anglia's Children's Hospital). We would like to promote our charity work and recruit new members; so we're able to increase our charity work in and around Cambridge next year.

National Highways

Cavendish Road

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The Petersfield

Scotch eggs, sausage rolls, spinach rolls, festive snacks, sweet treats and other Petersfield favourites, warmed sloe gin, mulled cider and other fun festive drinks.

Salisbury Club

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Cambridge Liberal Democrats

We are a local political party and will have leaflets and at least one petition all on a subject likely to interest people coming to the Fair. We will probably have an interactive board - again on an issue likely to interest people.

The EDGE Café

The EDGE is a social enterprise run to provide a welcoming and supportive community space, with a vibrant café at the heart of our offer. We promote community-led recovery to support people to turn their lives around. The EDGE is run by individuals who are on this challenging journey themselves. The EDGE is a place where community groups can come to meet, and where individuals can come to find more social interaction in their lives.

Girlguiding Cambridge City

Activities and information about Girlguiding in Cambridge.

Karim Foundation

Our stall will give information about our charity with leaflets and free merchandise as well as some books for sale.